Kia and Tyler working behind the cheese counter

Behind every cheese is an art, a family, a history, a tradition. Our mission is to honor those incredible stories by ensuring that each wedge we cut is the best reflection of that cheese. We maintain an extensive and dynamic cheese case, with a rotating selection that features around 80 different artisan and farmstead cheeses at a time. The collection focuses on small-batch and sustainably produced cheeses. The cheese counter showcases the very best in domestic and international cheesemaking, and we hand cut each cheese to order, making certain that its quality and condition are always exceptional.

The cured meats counter at Cheesemongers is one of the most comprehensive in Los Angeles. We've curated a collection featuring some of the world’s most extraordinary prosciutto, jamon, speck, pâté, and salami. Though the shop may be named for its cheese, Cheesemongers takes great pride in our distinguished cured meats case.

Alongside the cheeses and cured meats, Cheesemongers has assembled a selection of handmade and local honey, crackers, jams, olives, chocolates, oils, vinegars, nuts and other accompaniments. We offer a rotating menu of sandwiches, we build cheese and charcuterie catering trays, and we make beautiful custom gift baskets.

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