Cheese and Charcuterie Boards
24 hours notice is required. 
During the holidays, our refrigeration space is limited — order early to ensure your spot.

Cheese Board for 10: $80 (serves 10 people)

Cheese Board for 15: $120 (serves 15 people)

Cheese Board for 20: $160 (serves 20 people) 

For orders larger than 20 people, we will use 2 boards. 

All boards include five cheeses or five cured meats, or any combination of five total items (ex: 3 cheeses and 2 cured meats). All boards also include dried fruit, olives, cornichon, Marcona almonds, and other assorted accompaniments. Sliced bread is included on the side. 

Cheese/meat availability can fluctuate rapidly, so specific cheese and meat requests can be difficult to guarantee. Instead, please choose one of these categories for your cheese and meat selections: 

  • Most popular crowd pleasers

  • Stinky, strong, robust, and adventurous

  • Mostly crowd pleasers with 1 or 2 adventurous options

  • Mostly adventurous options with 1 or 2 crowd pleasers

Though we can’t promise to include specific requests, if there is something you dislike, please let us know and we will avoid it.


Logistics for all Board Orders:

Our boards are built on recyclable 12" or 16” round paper trays. You can also bring in your own serving board or platter, and we’re happy to build your board on that. Soft cheeses will be left in whole wedges. Firmer cheeses will be cut into individual portions. All meat will be sliced. Bread will be sliced unless otherwise requested.

Portions are based on approximately 2oz. of cheese/cured meat per person (perfect for a light appetizer) plus accompaniments and bread. 

Every cheese board is different depending on the shapes and sizes of the individual cheeses, but here are some recent examples: 

 20 person board, 3 cheeses & 2 cured meats

20 person board, 3 cheeses & 2 cured meats

 10 person board, all cheese

10 person board, all cheese