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Our selection of cheese and cured meats is constantly changing, and much more comprehensive than what you see here. To view all your options, please come in to the shop.

Below are a few of our favorite combinations. Stop by or give us a call at 818-849-5523 to place an order.


L’Amuse Signature Gouda, Mt. Tam, Ossau Iraty Fermier

L’amuse Signature Gouda – A robust cow milk gouda from the Netherlands, carefully aged by Fromagerie L’amuse for over 2 years. It showcases notes of burnt caramel and roasted hazelnuts.

Mt. Tam – Made by Cowgirl Creamery in Petaluma, California, this mild cow milk triple crème is even more buttery than a brie, with a creamy center and a delicate, mushroomy rind.

Ossau Iraty Fermier – A small-batch sheep milk cheese from the western Pyrenees in France that’s made following centuries-old traditions. It’s herbaceous and nutty, with notes of summer grass and brown butter.

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Petit Brie, Comté, Colston Bassett Stilton

Petit Brie – This full flavored traditional French brie features notes of mushroom, leafy greens, and mustard seed. Selected and aged by noted affineur Rodolphe le Meunier.

Comté – This raw cow milk, alpine-style cheese is herbaceous and fruity, with notes of hazelnut, fried onions, cut grass, and roasted peanuts. Produced in the Jura mountains of France, and selected at 18 months of age by Rodolphe le Meunier.

Colston Bassett Stilton – This English cow milk blue is rich, minerally, fruity, deep and savory. It’s strong, without being sharp or overpowering. Selected for us by Neal’s Yard Dairy.

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Brillat-Savarin, Brabander, Manchego 1605, Epoisses

Brillat-Savarin – A soft, ultra buttery French triple crème. Made with cow milk and extra cream, this cheese is one of the most luxurious and decadent cheeses in the brie-style category.

Brabander – A goat milk gouda carefully aged by Fromagerie L’amuse in the Netherlands. Semi-firm, but still creamy, with notes of sweet cream, toasted nuts, and caramel.

Manchego 1605 – This small-batch, farmstead Manchego is produced with raw sheep milk and a natural rind, and is selected for sweetness and balance. It showcases notes of hay, almond, and toasted brioche.

Epoisses – A soft cow milk cheese made by Berthaut in Burgundy, France. The rind is washed in Marc de Bourgogne, giving the cheese a distinct and pungent aroma. It’s intensely savory, meaty, funky, and full flavored.

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Leonora, Hornbacher, Secret de Compostelle, Montgomery’s Cheddar, Big Rock Blue

Leonora – A bright and lemony goat milk cheese from Spain. This cheese is soft and creamy, with a slightly peppery flavor coming from the rind.

Hornbacher – A gorgeous Alpine-style cheese from Switzerland. It’s dense and slightly sweet, with notes of caramelized onion and toasted nuts.

Secret de Compostelle – A semi-firm sheep milk cheese from the French Basque. Rich and velvety texture, with notes of browned butter and baked potato.

Montgomery’s Cheddar – A traditional clothbound cheddar made by Jamie Montgomery in South Somerset. This raw cow milk cheese features savory, vegetal, and earthy flavors.

Big Rock Blue – A sharp and fruity cow milk blue from the Central Coast of California. It has a fudgy texture and a prominent blue bite, balanced with a jammy sweetness.

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Prosciutto di San Daniele, Salami François, Trufa Seca

Prosciutto di San Daniele – A classic Italian prosciutto that’s been aged for 2 years. Sweet, nutty, rich, and robust.

Salami François – A Genoa-style pork salami featuring subtle flavors of white pepper, garlic, and white wine. Made by Red Table Meats.

Trufa Seca – A pork salami seasoned with fragrant black truffles and sea salt. Made by Charlito’s Cocina.

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Coppa, Salami Capri, Duck Prosciutto

Coppa – A beautifully marbled cut of pork collar, rubbed with black pepper, garlic, and paprika. Made by Smoking Goose Meatery.

Salami Capri – A slightly spicy Italian-style salami featuring fennel, chili peppers, garlic, and red wine. Made by Olympia Provisions.

Duck Prosciutto – A cured Moulard duck breast seasoned with star anise, allspice, and orange peel. Made by Smoking Goose Meatery.

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Please keep in mind that our stock is constantly changing, and we do run out of things. If we are out of something you’ve ordered, we’ll let you know and recommend a substitution.