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Cheesemongers Deluxe

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Comté Reserve – This raw cow milk alpine style cheese is produced in the Jura mountains of eastern France. Our wheels are aged by Marcel Petit at Fort Saint Antoine, and selected and imported by Essex St. Cheese Co. This herbaceous and fruity cheese showcases notes of hazelnut, fried onions, cut grass, and roasted peanuts. 

Cremeux de Bourgogne – A super rich and luxurious French triple crème made with pasteurized cow milk. The billowy white rind gives way to a soft and spreadable center. This creamy, buttery cheese is always a crowd favorite. 

Montgomery’s Cheddar – Made by Jamie Montgomery in South Somerset, this is a truly traditional clothbound English cheddar. This raw cow milk cheese features sweet, fruity, earthy, and brothy flavors, and (in some pieces) a hint of blue. 

Reading Raclette – This raw cow milk raclette-style cheese is made in Vermont at Spring Brook Farm, as part of their nonprofit foundation, Farms for City Kids.  This semi-soft cheese has a slightly funky rind, with a creamy, nutty flavor profile, and a smooth, meltable texture.

Grazalema Payoyo – Produced by a 14-member cooperative on an Andalusian nature preserve in Spain, this cheese is made with a blend of pasteurized goat and sheep milk. It is semi-firm and full flavored, with a distinct tanginess and notes of butter, cheesecake, and herbs.

All orders are available for in-store pickup only. Your cheese will be ready to pick up TOMORROW after 3pm during our normal business hours. We are closed on Monday -- if you are ordering on Sunday, your order will be ready on Tuesday. If you would like to request another pick up date or time, please call us at 818.849.5523. All cheeses are cut in approximately half pound wedges.